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Living alone does not mean to be lonely.
The project looks at a time when the phenomenon of people who choose to live alone is prevalent, and explores man's search for an emotional response  in an age of technology and artificial intelligence. The objects "live" with the individual in his or her home environment, and with an act of human gestures offers an emotional-communicative echo that accompanies everyday life. 

The Bug- using a light sensor it "feels" the first ray of sunlight in the morning and opens a crack to let it in.

The plant- mutual care, the plant gives an immediate feedback when watered. It will "wilt" when not taking care of, but will never die.

The Gong- during the day it slightly breathes, and at night time in absolute darkness it rings three times and puts me to sleep.


Electronic models


Each creatures accompany a different time of the day and symbolize a "transitional space" (inside-outside, reality-imagination, light-dark etc.)



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